Date Snow Festival Photo Contest Hokkaido Japan

The Date Snow Festival is a winter festival held every February in Date City, Hokkaido, Japan, starting in 2009.

In 2021 and 2022, the festival cannot be held as before due to the Corona disaster, so we are holding a photo contest online.

This photo contest is a way for people to interact with each other while avoiding going out due to the Corona disaster.

If you are related to Date City, Hokkaido, have friends in Date City, or are interested in the area , we would be very grateful if you could submit photos of your area and share them with people in Date city.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to send out prizes to those who apply from overseas, but we hope that this event will help create a small exchange of ideas and feelings, even if we are suffering of Corona disaster.


Anyone can apply, regardless of whether they are a professional or an amateur. However, only those who understand and agree with the application guidelines are eligible to apply.

2. Application Method

(1) Application via Instagram

(2) Submission through the website

Up to three entries per person. The first three submissions will be considered.

(1) Application via Instagram

Follow the official account of the Date Snow Festival Executive Committee on Instagram.

Please be sure to include the hashtag “#伊達雪まつりフォトコンテスト” and the name of your work when you post and apply.

(2) How to Submit your work on the website

Please submit your entry using the form on the website (

Please contact us if you would like to submit your entry via a method other than Instagram or the website.

3.Selection and Announcement of Winners

– The selection will be made by the selection committee of the Date Snow Festival Winter Campaign Executive Committee. Announcement of the winning photos and winners, as well as announcements regarding the Date Snow Festival Winter “Datemaru-kun’s Photo Contest” will be made on the website and SNS after the entry period.

– Please note that your name or Instagram username will be published for the award.

– Winners will be contacted individually to find out where to send their prizes, and will be notified using Instagram’s messaging function. If you enter the contest through the website, winners will be contacted by email.

– If a work submitted from overseas wins a prize, the prize will be different from that in Japan.

– The contact information provided by the winners will be used only for the purpose of this contest.

– We will not accept any inquiries regarding the receipt of entries or confirmation of winners.

– If we do not receive a reply within 7 days of notification of the prize, the prize may be forfeited.

– Winners will be contacted within one to two months of the end of the entry period. Winners will be contacted within one to two months from the end of the entry period. Please note that you will be responsible for transportation costs to and from the prize collection location.

– Please note that prizes are subject to change without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.

– If one person wins more than one prize, only one prize will be awarded.

– The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant, but the Executive Committee reserves the right to use it. We may also use your username and comments, regardless of whether or not you win a prize, (1) in connection with events and contests held by the Executive Committee, and (2) on websites, SNS, printed materials, sales promotion materials, and advertising materials managed by the Executive Committee. Please note that there is a possibility that we may use your work for the following purposes. Please note that the information may be slightly processed or altered for publication, exhibition, or other use. In this case, please note that we will not notify you individually. However, if you have any doubts about the method of use, the content of the alterations, or the rights of the Executive Committee to use your work, and if you do not agree that the Executive Committee has the right to use your work, please submit your work with a clear statement to that effect in advance. In that case, the work will not be used as described above.

4. Precautions

– In order to participate in this contest, you must have a user account if you apply via Instagram. Please note that if you delete your user account in the middle of the contest, your winnings will be invalidated even if you are selected as a winner. You do not need to have an Instagram account to enter the contest via the website.

– If you want to enter this contest on Instagram, you need to follow the official account of Date Snow Festival Winter Camp. Please note that if you unfollow the account, your winnings may be invalid even if you are selected. Also, if your user account is set to private, we will not be able to check your photos and will not be able to judge them.

– Please refrain from submitting photos that are composites or have undergone significant processing. (Submissions of composite photos and videos are also not eligible.

– Please make sure that your email address is set to receive The organizing committee will not be held responsible if you do not receive the e-mail.


– The organizing committee will not be responsible for the contents of any website, Instagram, or other SNS related to this contest or any problems related to them.

– The Executive Committee will not be liable for any damages resulting from the interruption or suspension of the contest operation caused by the operating environment of Instagram or related applications.

– Please download the Instagram smartphone application from the App Store for iPhone and from Google Play for Android.

– All costs associated with entering this contest are the responsibility of the entrant.

– This contest is not supported, administered, or associated with Instagram.

– Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before entering the contest.

– The submitted photo must be taken by the entrant. Entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not have been published in any other contests or won any awards.

– If a person other than the entrant is in the photo, please obtain that person’s permission before submitting the photo. The Executive Committee will not be held responsible for any liability issues that may arise from the use of submitted photographs, such as infringement of the photographer’s copyright or the portrait rights of the person photographed.

– Personal information obtained in the course of this contest will be used only for the purpose of confirming the winners, awarding prizes, and responding to various inquiries.

– In the event that the amount of data is too small to verify the submitted image in detail, the original data may have to be resent.

– The right to receive an award cannot be transferred to another person.

– The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, accept individual entries using methods other than those described above.

– Please note that the contents of this contest and the application guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, or may be unavoidably suspended. In such cases, the Executive Committee will not be liable to any person or entity for any change or cancellation of the Contest. In addition, the Executive Committee will not be liable for any loss, liability, damage, expense, or other claim arising out of participation in the Contest or the selection results.

– This contest is subject to the terms and conditions of Instagram.

6. Prohibited Matters

The following acts are prohibited when entering this contest. Entries containing any of the following acts will be invalid.

– Interfering with the operation of the Contest

– Acts that constitute slander, threats, or harassment of others

– Infringing the privacy, portrait rights, or publicity rights of others

– Impersonating another person by using another person’s name or the name of a company or other organization

– Acts that infringe on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.

– Posting images that have already been published in other publications or exhibitions.

– Any act of providing information, advertising, or solicitation for the purpose of profit.

– Acts that violate laws and regulations, and acts that aid, solicit, coerce, or promote violations of laws and regulations.

– Submission of obscenity, child pornography, or data that encourages sexual exploitation of children

– Acts that place an excessive burden on the servers of the Competition

– Actions that violate Instagram’s terms of service or laws

– Actions that the Executive Committee deems inappropriate for the purpose of the Competition

– Actions that the Executive Committee deems to be malicious or inappropriate

– Any other actions equivalent to the above